ENTIRE COURSE: Participants must cover the course under their own power. Participants may not receive any forward assistance during the race.

WAIVER:  All participants must sign a liability and photography waiver at the time of completing registration form.

BIKES:  All participants MUST wear a helmet. Drafting is strictly prohibited.

RIGHT OF WAY:  Participants must obey all traffic laws.  

                     •  Bicycles must stay to the right of the centerline at all times except when passing or near the  

                          transition area.  

                     •  Runners must stay to the left side of the road.  Participants must obey all traffic laws.

UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT:  Unsportsmanlike conduct during any portion of the event, whether directed at another participant, volunteer, race official, or law enforcement official, will result in immediate disqualification.  Participants will refrain from intentionally or accidentally interfering with the forward progress of another participant.  

RACE NUMBERS:  Participants shall plainly display their race numbers at all times.

GLASS CONTAINERS:  No participant shall utilize a glass container at any time. 


     •  Swim aids are prohibited. Wetsuits are permitted. 

     •  Headphones or ear-buds are not permitted while on the bike course. 

     •  Ear-buds will be allowed on the run course.

PENALTIES:  Any violation of these Rules shall result in a variable time penalty or disqualification at the sole discretion of race officials.  


Fairmont, MN


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Event Postponed

until 2021

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