Youth Event: Friday

June 12, 2020


Fairmont, MN


June 13, 2020

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Swim Courses: (Sprint 0.25 mi, Olympic 1.5K)

Swim competitions will be held on Budd or Hall Lakes, depending on wind conditions. Average temperature in Budd Lake for June 9 is approximately 71 degrees. The Sprint (0.25mi) and Olympic (0.93mi) swim portions of the events will share a straight line out-and-back course with buoys indicating the turn around points. The short course will have colored noodles marking the whole route. The Mini swim portion will be held in Budd Lake along the shallow edge near the beach house.  

Bike courses: (Sprint 20K, Olympic 40K, Duathlon 20K)

The bike route goes west on Lair Road out of Gomsrud Park. Riders will go south on CR39, west on CR22, south on CR37, and west on CR8 to Lake Okamanpeedan. Riders will then turn around and reverse route back to Gomsrud Park. Sprint riders will turn around on CR37, just south of 60 St/ CR14. Sprint riders will reverse the route from there to Gomsrud Park.  

Downloadable Bike Map

Run Courses: (Sprint 5K, Olympic 10K, Duathlon 5K and 5K)

The run route goes east on Lair Road turning south on a bike trail to Bellvue Road. East to Prairie Ave, north to Cardinal Street around and through the Fairmont High School parking lot Johnson Street.  Then going west to Prairie Ave and North to the Aquatic Park where you will follow a bike trail back to Lair Road, heading west to the finish (for Sprint participants) and the turn around (for Olympic participants). The Olympic participants will follow the same route for a second lap before heading to the finish.  

Downloadable Run Map

Downloadable Transition Area Map

Youth Courses:

Ages 5-8

25m pool swim (floatation devices allowed) * 1 mile bike * 1/4 mile run

Ages 9-11

25m pool swim (floatation devices allowed) * 1.8 mile bike * 1/2 mile run

Ages 12-15

50m pool swim * 3.5 mile bike * 1 mile run


​Downloadable Youth Event Map

Youth Event