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June 19, 2020


Fairmont, MN


June 20, 2020

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Liz Gomez Memorial

Sprint Triathlon

Liz Gomez was an asset to our community and our triathlon.  In 1983, she shared her dedication and efforts with the Fairmont community by taking on a project- the Fairmont Triathlon.  Her energy to support and cultivate this event was uncanny. To honor her commitment and spirit, the sprint event at the Fairmont Triathlon has been named "The Liz Gomez Memorial Sprint Triathlon".  

At the age of 11 years, Liz Ranney (Gomez) began swimming competitively for Wichita Swim Club.  Throughout the years, Liz maintained a strong passion for the pool.  Liz would go on to teach swimming at Wall-a-gong, Australia, where she shook hands with Queen Elizabeth, who was there for a visit with Prince Charles and Princess Ann. 

After Australia, she moved to Hong Kong where she worked for Project Concern.  She later taught swimming at the European 'Y' and worked as a hostess at a bar that catered to American soldiers on R&R from Vietnam.  The bar had a terrific all-Filipino band called "The Wave" which had already backed the Bee Gees and The Beatles on their tours of Asia.  The trumpet player was Doming Gomez, whom Liz would marry.  

After six months in Japan, Liz and Doming came to the United States aboard a Russian freighter and rode a bus from Los Angeles to Wichita.  After a stint in Las Vegas, Doming found work with a polka-waltz-hillbilly band in Minnesota.  They moved to Fairmont, where Liz managed the community swimming pool- the third largest in the state- for twelve years.  

Liz's fight with cancer began when she was thirty-nine.  It ended when she was two months past fifty-three.