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This has been a year of change for the Fairmont Triathlon. The previous Tri Team Leaders, Mike & Noella O’Rourke moved away and left some big shoes to fill. The JUST TRI TEAM has been working hard to continue the great triathlon tradition that was revived in Fairmont in 2007. It is our mission to host and provide a great sporting event for the Fairmont Community and for all the participants of the Fairmont Triathlon. Please continue reading for more inspiration!

A note from….     Phil Hanson
                             Team President

From my education, experience and career as a physical education instructor, I used the disciplines of swimming, biking and running as exercise venues. Throughout my

life I have competed in various types of races. In the late 70’s the concept of triathlons was becoming popular. It was an easy transition for me to develop an interest in participating in them.  I participated in my first triathlon in 1983 as a member of a team and I continued to tri until 1989 when the Fairmont Triathlon took an 18 year hiatus. With the help of Mike O’Rourke and others, we revived the tri event in 2007 which was my opportunity to again compete in this wonderful sport.
Dr. Oz states that “energy medicine is the next big thing” and that “energy medicine is the future of all medicine.”

energy this is high praise indeed.  As president of the Fairmont Triathlon I recommend using triathlon events in the following manner: PREPARE, PLAY, RECOVER… to extend the expiration date!

A note from….     Dick Gerhardt
                              Race Director - Run Coordinator

I participated in one Fairmont Triathlon in the early 80’s and then not again until 2011. In

mean time I did a lot of road biking but not much running and very little swimming. In 2011 I decided I could be a slug and swim the sprint distance, I could make up time in the bike and then pace myself for the run.  A slug is what it looked like as I completed the sprint individual race! In 2012 I participated in a Master Swim class which started to make me look like a swimmer. I continued to bike and did some 5 miles runs. I completed the Olympic course in Fairmont that year. After the Fairmont Triathlon I went on   to complete one other Olympic Tri and one 1/3 Ironman Triathlon. I was hooked. This past winter I have been doing more running which is currently my weakest discipline. All in all having the competitions keeps me working out with my goal to complete another 1/3 Ironman in two years at the age of 60. Remember, you are never too old to TRI!

A note from….     Char Kahler
                              Team Secretary

I have always been interested in athletics so in 1983 when my friend Liz Gomez talked about holding a triathlon in Fairmont, I was all in. One of my first tasks was to design the logo and from there I helped with planning, organizing, marketing, body marking, etc. everything but participating. My family has participated and helped with all the Fairmont Triathlons. I am happy to be a part of this wonderful community event. I hope to see you all at the finish line.

A note from….     Ruth Cyphers

                              Marketing Guru
I did it! My first triathlon last year. I swam the Olympic event as part of a team. Will I do it again? Well, you need to come to the Fairmont Triathlon and see. Come as a competitor or as a spectator! We had fun with the marketing this year updating our logo, creating a new brochure and can’t wait for you to earn one of our newly designed medals. 

Paul Carlson – Swim Coordinator
Eric Johnson – Transition Area Coordinator
Daron Johnson – Bike Coordinator
Chuck Anderson – Food & Beverage Coordinator


Fairmont, MN


June 13, 2020

Youth Event: Friday

June 12, 2020