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Have you ever thought about competing in a triathlon? Well, it is two months until the Fairmont Triathlon, (Saturday, June 14th) and it’s time to get off the couch and start preparing.  This will be the first of three articles to help you get ready to be in your first or twenty-first

triathlon. Our first article will start with some training tips to help get you ready for your race.  We will then cover what basic equipment you will need to participate, and finally we will cover what to do on race day including how to set up your transition area. Fairmont triathlon is a great place to participate in your triathlon, and you will find it addicting. Fairmont offers three races; an Olympic distance, sprint distance and a kid’s triathlon. If this is your first go at a triathlon, then the sprint is for you. You begin the race with a quarter mile swim (about 8 laps in the pool), 12.4 mile bike and finish with a 5k (3.1 mile) run. The Olympic course offers a bigger challenge with a .93 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike and 6.2 mile run.

The swim course marked with a floating rope, and will have four lifeguards and multiple safety spotters lined up and down the course. Both the bike and run courses are flat and racer friendly. Remember, if it has been a few year since your last workout, you should consult your doctor prior to beginning your training.

We will begin with training tips for the swim. ....Read the rest of the article here...


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Triathlon 101 - Gear, What Do I Need?

We hope our last article was able to get you motivated to start your training for this year’s Fairmont Triathlon on Saturday, June 14th. Now, what do you need to actually race in a triathlon? You may need to make a few initial investments in equipment, but once you have these essential pieces, they should service you well for multiple years and triathlons. We will start with “what should I wear”? The best clothing to wear for the entire triathlon is what

we call a “race kit”. Race kits consist of either shorts and top or a one-peace outfit. They are close or tight fitting, so you can wear them swimming, biking and running without adding or subtracting any clothing. It is very difficult to put on or take off any race clothes when you are wet or sweaty. This will simplify and speed up your entire race. These race suits will dry quickly and have a built in pad for your bottom to make your bike ride more comfortable, but will not feel too bulky during the run. They can, and should be worn under your wetsuit, if you are wearing one. A race kit or race suit cost will range from $100-250. If you are not ready to make this investment, you can get by wearing a pair of compression style shorts or bike shorts and tight fitting top. Stay away from any loose fitting and or cotton clothes.

Now let us cover the equipment you will need for completing a race. ...Read the rest of the article here...