Youth Event Information

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Fairmont, MN


June 15, 2019

The Youth Event is a short course designed for young athletes ages 6-14.

This event is chip-timed and all participants receive a medalion.  


Mini participants should finish before the Sprint event starts so that parents participating can watch their children before beginning their own event. 

SWIM: 25 yards

The swim will take place in the lake, near the shore in water not deeper than 5 feet. Smaller athletes are permitted to swim close to shore in water not deeper than their chest. Participants must swim, no walking is allowed.

BIKE: 3.1 miles

The bike course uses the same route as the triathlon run.Click here for downloadable map.

RUN: 1/2 mile

The run course goes around the outside of the park and finishes at the same finish line as other events.  

The youth transition area will only be open to triathlon participants. Parents and other spectators must remain on the outside of the transition area fencing. Parents are allowed to give instructions to Mini Triathlon participants without entering the transition area. 


T-shirt size is guaranteed when registering before June 2, 2019.    

Same day registration is available to Mini-Tri participants, however t-shirts may not be available.